Stand up! Dust off the Dirt! Try Again! :)

” Failures should not define us, It should teach us..”

(this quote really encouraged me…that’s why i’m inspired to write about it..)

Look. Observe. Reflect.  What do you see? Maybe in several years of existence, we already know that Life is not easy. Life is like a roller coaster.It is a long and winding road…whether we like it or not there will always be obstacles along the way.  We will always be hurt or discouraged at times. Imagine life without trials and obstacles…. wouldn’t it be so unchallenging? Trials, failures and difficulties mold us to be better and stronger individuals, these are God’s way of making us appreciate His blessings in our lives. Keep in mind that, everthing happens for a reason.. these things are what humble us. If God says NO now, it just means that there’s a better YES that lies ahead. Yes, of course, you want to control so everything happens in just the way you want it. But at the end of the day, we control nothing. -It’s all in God’s hands. -has always been and will always be. Recession is also a time of great opportunity. Time and time again success has its roots in failure, because failure knocks you down from top of the hill so you can then climb a mountain. Yes it’s unsettling, yes it’s scary. But this can be your greatest opportunity in life, – if you choose it. The recession has cleared the space of clutter, – think what have you always wanted to do but brushed aside from the top of your hill? Now is the time… If something does not go the way we want it to be, don’t be discouraged but instead learn from these failures. These failures should not let us down. We should not feel unimportant or feel like a loser if things do not go right. These failures help us become better and wiser, so that next time around, we will be confident about whatever challenge life may take us. Find time to pause and ask God about anything, we would receive His message in various ways. Make it a habit to consult God in everything you do or decide on. Always have a happy heart as you deal with life, surely you would make a positive impact on the people arround you. God is always with us in every step we make, in every laughter, in every grief, in every downfall and in every victory… He allows circumstances to make us stronger in faith and in spirit…. God must always be the focus of our lives. We will never be alone. We must not lose hope.  Stand up! Dust off the dirt! and try again…what’s important is we’ve done our part. Trust the rest in God’s hands! Have faith for there is nothing impossible with Him 🙂

I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged too…btw, feel free to write your comments or responses..they’ll be higly appreciated 🙂


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