Equality is the key!

               Individuality. Differences. Discrimination.

               Look around you, what do you see? Everyone has his own individuality. We all have our differences, in different aspects. No man is exactly similar to another. We are unique in our own ways. However, men are created equal according to its likeness and image. Although we are all different, God wants the best for us. It’s up to us whether we would be prepared for us towards the fulfillment of the purpose of our existence.

Men and women are both created in God’s likeness and image, possessing the same attributes, yet, look around you and observe, why is the society giving more importance to men?

Can’t women do the things that men can? Yes, women can! To site a few, women can lift weight, handle pressure at the workplace, make major decisions, and can earn a living like men usually do. They are even capable of the things that men cannot even fathom. Pregnancy, conception, and giving birth to an infant are just a few. Given this comparison, Gender Discrimination in favor of men is highly unacceptable.

As we observe, discrimination is one of the biggest issues the world is going through. If we would reflect, everything would be solved with equality and respect! Equality is the key! W e must respect each other’s individuality and differences to make a better world.

Equality among mankind is manifested in various aspects. Some are created with fair skin, yet some have dark skin. Some have perfect features butsome don’t. Some are blessed with wealth and some are blessed with peace. One can’t have all of these. It’s always a balance of having this and not having that. God designed it this way, so that men(I’m talking about people in general now) would compliment one another because God created the universe and the world for people to enjoy life with one another. He did not create the world for only one man or woman, his word even commanded men to go forth, multiply and glorify God in verything they do. No one is better than the other.


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