Thank You, Goodbye

Oh look how time flies! I am now a graduate of High School. I am now closing a chapter of my life and starting a new one. Yes, I know, it’s all happening so fast! In just one blink of an eye, everything turned into just memories…just pictures of the past…just lessons that we’ve learned. But I guess, this is life. We learn, we move on, we grow. That’s the beauty of life.

Yes, it’s sad to leave the past behind but we must learn to start anew to explore the possibilities of life. We must learn to keep an open mind and be open to new opportunities to be molded into better individuals.

For me, music is my voice…I write songs to let people know what I feel. I write songs to relay my message. This song below is for my batch mates.

Thank you, goodbye

By: Alison Julia C. Tabong


Funny we are scared to say the simple word goodbye

Here we are making the most in everything, always feeling high

Every single thing we find awesome and special

Knowing that we have too little time left


Coz the time is near

And we have to move on

Even if it means letting go


Thank you for the laughters, thank you for the tears

Thank you for the smiles, thank you for the sorrows

Thank you for the memories

They will always be kept in my heart

Thank you……………….goodbye


Laughter fills the halls, enjoying every moment with you

Fun is all around

Looking back at the time we first said hello

Hey, I don’t wanna let you go


But the time is near

And we have to move on

Even if it means letting go

(Repeat Chorus)


Till then we meet again

Soon after we embrace our dreams

Let’s then profess how good our God is

And how beautiful life is

(Repeat Chorus)

To the people who made my High School life so awesome, thank you for the memories! They will always be kept in my heart! To my batch mates, till we meet again! Good luck with college! I love you! God bless! 🙂