Don’t be afraid.

As I was surfing the net the morning of July 13th, I saw this.

THIS. This quote got me thinking deep. It’s very puzzling at one look but if you would look deeper into the meaning… what it basically tells us is:



In life, we must have a goal, a dream, an objective to succeed and be happy; to have a direction; to have a meaningful life. And we must not just have ’em, we must work hard to reach them; to achieve them. If we want something, we don’t just sit and wait to have it..we must strive to have it.

Yes, there may be trials and obstacles along the way. But this does not mean that we would not try and we would just let all our heart’s desires go. Yes, life could be scary at times, but if we would not take that big step, nothing would happen to us.

Life. It’s a long and winding road. Nothing comes easy. But once you get what you want, you will really be satisfied. That’s the beauty of life. Once we reach that goal, that dream, we would have the joy of saying.

Hey I made it! It was all worth it. 🙂



So I was bored, so I began searching the net and i discovered new artists! I downloaded some of their songs! They’re pretty cool so I figured I must share :))) Yay! New music! HAPPINESS! =)

1. Kina Grannis

Kina Kasuya Grannis (born August 4, 1985) is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. She is half Japanese and half European American. Grannis was the winner of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. As a result of winning, she earned a recording contract with Interscope Records and had her music video played during the commercials of Super Bowl XLII. She recently won Best Web-Born Artist at the 2011 MTV O Music Awards. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Valentine
  • World in front of Me
  • The one you say goodnight to
  • Stay Just a little
  • I love you

2. Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn (born March 9, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter. (

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Dream

3. Erin McCarley

Erin McCarley (born January 8, 1979 in Garland, Texas) is an alternative music singer-songwriter. McCarley attended college at Baylor University, and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been compared toSara BareillesRegina Spektor, and Sheryl Crow. Currently, Erin is working on her follow up to 2009’s Love, Save the Empty. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Lovesick Mistake

4. Mindy Gledhill

Mindy Gledhill is an indie folk singer. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Anchor

5. Holly Brook

Skylar Grey (born February 23, 1986 as Holly Brook Hafermann) is American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Grey was signed to Machine Shop Recordings under the name Holly Brook. She released her debut album as Holly Brook, Like Blood Like Honey, in 2006. She co-wrote the three versions of “Love the Way You Lie” (forEminem and Rihanna) with Alex da Kid, who signed her to his Wonderland Music label. She was featured as a guest vocalist on Fort Minor‘s “Where’d You Go” and “Be Somebody”, Diddy-Dirty Money‘s “Coming Home“, Dr. Dre‘s “I Need a Doctor“, Lupe Fiasco‘s “Words I Never Said” and Kaskade‘s “Room for Happiness“. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Still Love

6. Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman (born May 23, 1982) is a singersongwriter and former Roxy model from San Diego, California. She is signed to Virgin Records and released her first major label album Twentythree on August 2, 2005, followed by her second album Hello…x which was released on April 15, 2008. She is currently working on a new album according to her blog. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Love love love
  • Shy that way( feat.  Jason Mraz)

7. Gabe Bondoc

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Nerd Proud Filipino Current Recording GEAR ( )


Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Gentlemen Don’t
  • Treat You Good
  • I’ve got a crush

8. Andrew Allen

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Loving You Tonight

9. Kimbra

Kimbra Lee Johnson (born 27 March 1990), known mononymously as Kimbra, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist. On 29 August 2011, she released a debut album Vows which reached the top 5 in New Zealand and Australia. On 22 May 2012, the album was released in North America, debuting at number 14 on the Billboard charts. [1] Kimbra sang in the single “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Settle Down

10. Up dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is an award-winning Filipino rock band. ( )

Song/s I am currently enjoying:

  • Oo

There you have them! :)) ENJOY!

Love, huh?

What is LOVE?

Love, they say, is a wonderful feeling…

…but what if you fell in love with the wrong person?

So many girls fall in love with the wrong guy, simply because the wrong guy usually says all the right things…

I mean why would guys even say stuff or do things that they don’t actually mean?

My suggestion? Never get too attached to anyone because…


I have something to say….

BE CAREFUL. DON”T BE TOO ATTACHED *if you’re not too sure…


” The one who can make you smile the easiest can also shatter your heart the fastest”

Every girl just wants a guy who would truly love her and no one else. One who could be really honest with her. Someone she could trust. I guess that guy doesn’t exist anymore. How discouraging…

Kaya yang love love na yan, think not just once or twice bago pasukin…but we don’t actually get to control our hearts right? Oh well, be ready to get hurt. Coz love? It isn’t loud 9.




A friend just shared something to me…

In heartbreaks, God gives us 3 opportunities:

  1. An opportunity to be strong
  2. An opportunity to know what your love truly is
  3. An opportunity to understand that nothing is perfect in our world, especially in love


Heartbreaks…It’s God’s way of making us realize that He’s saving us from the wrong one.

Be strong. He has good plans for us. He’s still busy writing your love story.



Ang pag-ibig di parang cellphone, pag naluma papalitan

Ang pag-ibig di parang damit, pag may bagong uso papalitan

Kung sabihin kong mahal kita

Yan ang totoo sinta

Wag na wag kang magdududa

Hindi kita binobola

This is an excerpt from Yeng Constantino’s song, entitled Pag-ibig.

Sabi nga ni Vice Ganda:

‘I love you’. Sinasabi lang yan sa taong MAHAL mo, hindi sa GUSTO mo lang. Magkaiba yun oh: spelling pa lang. Meaning pa kaya.

Ang ‘I love you’ kasi sacred phrase yan eh! Di mo basta sinasabi. You have to mean it when you say it. Coz it’s like making a promise sa pinagsasabihan mo.

But some people choose to break one’s heart tas parang walang pakialam.. Oh well, may mga ganun pala talagang tao… :)))


The Photo Challenge <3

1) A Picture of Yourself and Ten Facts.
1-I’m an AB COM student at the Ateneo de Manila University
2-I love singing, writing,composing songs and dancing!
3-I lalalove kids…little children! they’re just so adorable!

4-I’m easy to please♥ (in short,mababaw)
5-BUT I’m very reflective (malalim din at the same time..haha)
6-I’m the eldest sa family ko, and cousins ko (both father’s and mother’s side…ate ng lahat!)
7-I love MUSIC and MATH and FOOTBALL!
8-I dream to be a film director or a journalist someday and to form my own band like Hillsong, Planetshakers, Citipointe…touring around the world to spread God’s word through Music.
9-I enjoy beautiful sceneries like sunrises and sunsets and clouds and stars…well you get my point :))
10-I am the daughter of the king of kings..therefore, I’m a princess.♥
2) A Picture of You and the Person You have been Closest with the Longest.


My parents ❤

My Bestfriends….Mommy, Daddy! I love you sooo mucho mucho :* 🙂 Thanks for everything!

3) A Picture of the Cast from Your Favorite Show.
Image New Girl definitely 🙂
4) A Picture of Your Night
Fireworks and paper lanterns! what a wonderful sight tonight ❤
5) A Picture of A Favorite Memory
first year highschool days! vvvery memorable! iba talaga ung bonding eh..very united! we’re like brothers and sisters talaga! sooo tight! these guys are amazing!♥Mandelites! just remembered all of you!!! I miss you mucho mucho! You’ll always have a special place in my heart! ♥ 😀
6) A Picture of a Person You’d Love to Trade places with for a day

a little girl!:”>
life is so much different then, simpler and less complicated….fun! fun! fun!
7) A Picture of Your Childhood Crush

…orlando bloom…
From the Pirates of the Caribbean movies..
8) A Picture that makes you Laugh
9) A Picture of the Person who has gotten You through the most
Being more of an introvert, I’m not much of a sharer…So, I can’t actually think of a person but I can whole-heartedly say
that God is always there, every second of my life. He didn’t give up on me ..he will always be there…he’ll not leave me nor forsake me…
I want everyone to realize that…that when the whole world turn its back at us… God will always be the one who will stand up
for us.
10) A Picture of the Person You do the oddest things with
My siblings and cousins 🙂 we’re really tight! Love you guys! ❤
11)A Picture of something You Hate
I hate it.PERIOD.
12) A Picture of something You Love
Being creative or CREATIVITY itself!wala lang…I love moments where i could just express my creativity….arts and crafts, music, fashion….etc! I just love it! 🙂 ♥13) A Picture of Your favorite Band or Artist

..besides Planetshakers, Citipointe and Hillsong…PARAMORE! :D14) A Picture of Someone You could never Imagine Your Life without15) A Picture of something You want to do before You DieDefinitely, SKY DIVING! \m/ :D16) A picture of someone who inspires you.God. Through his words…the bible 🙂

17) A Picture of something that has made a huge Impact on Your Life recently

Moving to College. This is a huge step indeed.

Excitement. Responsibilities.Pressure.
This or just 3 words to describe it 😀
18) A Picture of your biggest insecurity.
I have such big feet. It’s so hard for me to shop for shoes! HAHA
19) A Picture of a letter
J for…… Julia 😉 That’s all =)))
This is how I write the capital letter J in cursive by the way :))
20) A Picture of somewhere you’d like to travel
EUROPE! <33333
21) A Picture of something you wish you could forget.
My recent heartbreak. It was my first soo. 😡 <////3
22) A Picture of something you wish you could be good at.
GYMNASTICS! And cool eh 🙂
23) A picture of your favorite book.
Besides the bible…
The Hunger Games Trilogy talaga…<3
24)  A Picture of something You Wish You could Change

Not to be cheesy and all ….but really…honestly….my answer to this question will always be “the world”…It’s just soo sad to see the reality nowadays…how the world is right now. I know there’s still hope…
25) A Picture of your day
Went to church andfamily bonding today wearing these :’) ❤
26) A picture of something that means a lot to you
TRUE LOVE. It covers everything ❤
27) A Picture of yourself with a family member
 My Vanity Buddy, My little sister…we love taking pictures of ourselves :))
28) A Picture of something you’re afraid of
No. not ratatouille! the real thing! RATS!
i tried searching the real thing sa google images kasi i’m thinking….it would be fine….they’re just pictures…but little did i know, those pictures still sent me goosebumbs…eee….so i quickly pressed back and searched ratatouille instead :)))) hihi =)))
29) A Picture that can always make you smile
Babies! Toddlers! Little children! I love ’em! ❤
30) A Picture of someone you miss
My Gorgeous Aunt! Tita Khrizta! We miss you sooooo much! when are you visiting us again?! love you mucho mucho! xoxo ♥PS. I love this photo of you! lalalove it so much! you’re forever gorgeous talaga! 🙂
THE END ❤ Mission Accomplished! :))