Don’t be afraid.

As I was surfing the net the morning of July 13th, I saw this.

THIS. This quote got me thinking deep. It’s very puzzling at one look but if you would look deeper into the meaning… what it basically tells us is:



In life, we must have a goal, a dream, an objective to succeed and be happy; to have a direction; to have a meaningful life. And we must not just have ’em, we must work hard to reach them; to achieve them. If we want something, we don’t just sit and wait to have it..we must strive to have it.

Yes, there may be trials and obstacles along the way. But this does not mean that we would not try and we would just let all our heart’s desires go. Yes, life could be scary at times, but if we would not take that big step, nothing would happen to us.

Life. It’s a long and winding road. Nothing comes easy. But once you get what you want, you will really be satisfied. That’s the beauty of life. Once we reach that goal, that dream, we would have the joy of saying.

Hey I made it! It was all worth it. 🙂


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