Love, huh?

What is LOVE?

Love, they say, is a wonderful feeling…

…but what if you fell in love with the wrong person?

So many girls fall in love with the wrong guy, simply because the wrong guy usually says all the right things…

I mean why would guys even say stuff or do things that they don’t actually mean?

My suggestion? Never get too attached to anyone because…


I have something to say….

BE CAREFUL. DON”T BE TOO ATTACHED *if you’re not too sure…


” The one who can make you smile the easiest can also shatter your heart the fastest”

Every girl just wants a guy who would truly love her and no one else. One who could be really honest with her. Someone she could trust. I guess that guy doesn’t exist anymore. How discouraging…

Kaya yang love love na yan, think not just once or twice bago pasukin…but we don’t actually get to control our hearts right? Oh well, be ready to get hurt. Coz love? It isn’t loud 9.



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