Top 10 of 2012


It’s January 3, 2013 and so we have come to the third day of the brand new year… Another year ended and another had begun. Around this time, people usually make their lists of their New Year resolutions and try to fulfill them, but for myself, I decided to make a list of the highlights of my 2012. I believe that it is important to be reminded of the things we went through first before we can even change. I wouldn’t like to draw much focus on myself but rather magnify God’s righteousness and faithfulness in my life. Listing all our blessings in a year can give us self-assurance that may begin the New Year with a bang.
I would like to be able to look back at these milestones, breakthroughs and memories anytime, especially when it is really needed… to remind myself that things can be done; I’ll not just make it through these obstacles, but even rise above and beyond these situations.

2 of 2012

1. Graduating with Honors from Highschool

IMG_0143 IMG_0139

I don’t mean to brag, but I really am grateful to have graduated with honors from High School. Only because I entered the university feeling that it might be hard for me to aim for such things coz unlike my batchmates who have already established their name in school, I, who just transferred in 3rd year, has still a lot to prove and still need to adjust. I thought that I might have no chance at making it to the honors list. But I did! And so I learned that I should not limit what God can do for me. I may not have the capability to do it by my own my might, but God is there and He can! By His grace, I can do anything, if it is in His Will. And so my achievements will always remind me that My God is unlimited, and this sets me free from a life of doubt. In Him, nothing is impossible!

2. Getting accepted in my dream school in the program of my choice

IMG_0229 IMG_1031

Getting accepted in The Ateneo de Manila University is really a dream come true! I’ve been dreaming about studying there since I was little and I really am been praying about it. And just as what God have promised, he answered my prayer for I believed in it.

3. Chruch involvement: highlight-TFT moving up

487064_3860350755879_1124138958_n 577366_3860343275692_2072215591_n

I believe that it is important for us to give back something to the Lord for He has blessed us with so many things. Not only that, it is also a joy in my heart that I can serve, praise and worship God in the way that I can…and that is through singing. It is a gift from God so I should honor God using this gift. I am very thankful that God has given me the privilege to serve Him through the music ministry in Victory Fort. I have been a volunteer in That Friday Thing ( one of their youth services ) for 3 years now and the experience is just such a blessing. I did not choose this, God had chosen this for me, therefore I should strive hard to give Him what He deserves..nothing but excellence. I am still praying that I would continue to grow in Him and would be able to bring more people to Him. I want to be a part of the advancement of His kingdom. 🙂

4. New hair : first dye


This is included here in my top 10 just because it is my first time to dye my hair :)))) I consider this a milestone :)) I’m sorry, i’m a little attached to my hair =)))

5. Smallgroup


This is Chessie Guerrero. One of the worship leaders in TFT and she also studies at ADMU. And so when she learned that I would be studying there, she invited me to her smallgroup in the campus. It is indeed an answered prayer! I’ve been really praying about having a small group for I believe that we all need people to walk with us in our spiritual lives to continue to grow. I just pray that this year, I would have the luxury of time to attend every meeting 🙂

6. Getting accepted in BluREP and ACGC

Even before entering ADMU, during my senior year, I already have my eye on these two orgs in Ateneo. Getting accepted in the BlueRepertory, a musical theater org and Ateneo College Glee Club, a well accomplished choir would really be a dream come true to I was just beyond happy and excited when I passed the auditions in both orgs! Another answered prayer indeed! But then, due to unfortunate circumstances, I needed to drop BlueREP for a while. It was just heartbreaking for me for performing on stage has already been a great part of my life. Now that I am more stable in college life, I might give it a another try. It’s not too late…I believe so.

7. Madz et al


I am so glad I took the risk. We, the trainees of ACGC was given a chance to join this major concert if we could learn the piece in a week! I prayed, I believed and I did it! My first major concert with ACGC! I just felt so blessed! It’s the beginning of something big in my life and I was just sooo excited to see what else God has in store for me!

8. Blue Harmonies

156968_10151548735995744_1196023518_n backstage IMG_1306

This is the first major school event that the ACGC sponsored after sooo many years. And I am just sooo grateful to be a part of this! It was such an honor and was such a treat! Everything was soo worth it! 😀

9. Block exposure trip

So my block went to an orphanage where there were little boys. It was such an experience! We played with them, bonded with them, ate with them, laughed with them, danced with them…it was such a privilege to have experienced such! I have always loved kids! And taking care of unfortunate children is such a treat! I am so glad that we were able to impart something in them in our short stay; that we were able to bring happiness to them in the simplest ways. This experience has brought me to many realizations and I would always treasure this moment in my life.

10. Relationships: old, new, restored

409759_434695469883884_1471911358_n MY FAMILY ❤

537762_516494531709186_1047318156_n Sanmanmangermabong ❤

IMG_0443 Himig Rosena ❤

621467_10151118054759118_1169380373_o Block A1 ❤


SEC walk peeps ❤



I really am blessed with awesome people in my life. I am just so thankful! I couldn’t ask for more! Thanks for making my 2012 worth remembering! :’)

I made this post to show you guys how great our God is for he had blessed us so much throughout the year ☺ My prayer for all of you is that as you read this, you will be able to look back on the previous year and every blessing from God will come to you in a way so fresh, so that your joy and gratefulness will be just as fresh as they day you received them! Happy New Year!


Hopeless Romatic -___-


..ummm what is it anyway?


Uggghhhhh! I hate myself for being such a hopeless-romantic individual! Y’knw, wishing to have happy, super kilig vibes love stories like the ones in the movies i watch, the songs i listen to and the happy couples i see all around. I haven’t gotten a boyfriend in my 17 years of existence, unlike most of my age who seem to be living happy lives with their significant others. Having long serious happy relationships. Sometimes I wonder… how is it to be in love… what does it feel? Maybe it feels soooo good! I know to myself that I’ve got a lot of love to give. I know to myself that if ever i meet that person and actually have my own relationship, i swear, i would give him a happy life with a lot of love and care. It’s soo good to daydream about these things, although i know these dreams are not gonna happen soon. True love….boy! i wanna experience that….having someone love you and care for you so much… Don’t get me wrong, I am satisfied with the love my family and loved ones give me, i just think that feeling of having a special someone would be really nice :’) =))) And again, don’t get me wrong… I am not in a hurry to be in relationships…I mean, I’m still young…I’m just in my first year in college. I love being single. Especially at 17. I’m even proud to be one-not taking anything less. I just..uhm…yknow…wanna experience the love stories first hand =)) Not necessarily now, but someday 🙂 I know God is still writing my love story…my beautiful love story….He has a perfect plan for me and I live it all up to Him! I mean, back then, when I was still a kid, my friends and I used to talk about the qualities of our dream guys. But now, I don’t care anymore, I just wanna meet him…that person God has carefully chosen for me. No Compromise. ❤


This has been…


WEW! why am I even talking about these kind of stuff? =))