Hopeless Romatic -___-


..ummm what is it anyway?


Uggghhhhh! I hate myself for being such a hopeless-romantic individual! Y’knw, wishing to have happy, super kilig vibes love stories like the ones in the movies i watch, the songs i listen to and the happy couples i see all around. I haven’t gotten a boyfriend in my 17 years of existence, unlike most of my age who seem to be living happy lives with their significant others. Having long serious happy relationships. Sometimes I wonder… how is it to be in love… what does it feel? Maybe it feels soooo good! I know to myself that I’ve got a lot of love to give. I know to myself that if ever i meet that person and actually have my own relationship, i swear, i would give him a happy life with a lot of love and care. It’s soo good to daydream about these things, although i know these dreams are not gonna happen soon. True love….boy! i wanna experience that….having someone love you and care for you so much… Don’t get me wrong, I am satisfied with the love my family and loved ones give me, i just think that feeling of having a special someone would be really nice :’) =))) And again, don’t get me wrong… I am not in a hurry to be in relationships…I mean, I’m still young…I’m just in my first year in college. I love being single. Especially at 17. I’m even proud to be one-not taking anything less. I just..uhm…yknow…wanna experience the love stories first hand =)) Not necessarily now, but someday πŸ™‚ I know God is still writing my love story…my beautiful love story….He has a perfect plan for me and I live it all up to Him! I mean, back then, when I was still a kid, my friends and I used to talk about the qualities of our dream guys. But now, I don’t care anymore, I just wanna meet him…that person God has carefully chosen for me. No Compromise. ❀


This has been…


WEW! why am I even talking about these kind of stuff? =))



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