My celebrity look-a-likes =))))

My celebrity look-a-likes =))))

When I was younger, and the first PBB teens was shown, people have told me that I look like Niña Jose…

In highschool, some people have told me I look like Kim Jones from one of ETC’s shows, ETCETERA …

… but most people (since high school) have told me that I look like Katy Perry, it even became my identifier in high school =))) hahaha…soo watchathink? who do you think most resembles me? =)))

It’s Doppelgänger week on Facebook; change your profile picture(though I won’t make it my profile pic hehe) to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete, etc.), you have been told you look like. After you update your profile with your twin or switched-at-birth photo, then cut/paste this to your status.

HAPPY Doppelgänger week! 😀


Blessed <3

February 8, 2013

I would just like to honor God through this post. 🙂

God is good all the time and He is always right on schedule….

Earlier this afternoon, I lost my wallet with 2 VIP Paramore tickets, 2,500 + worth of money, flash drive with all my school papers and important files, my ATM card and all IDs , etc..basta everything important, I didnt stop praying although I was crying so hard na. I called my mom and she started praying narin. Immediately, right after we ended the call, my ‘kada told me that they found my wallet! a kind hearted fellow atenean found it and returned it to me! 😀

To God be the glory, with Him no one can be against us! God is a faithful God! Thank You for everything! ♥