New Perspective


“Ahh math, pasakit sa buhay!” “Why do we have to study all of this? Nagagamit ba lahat sa buhay to? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to say I have 4 squared kids or stuff like that right?” “Why is it like this? No matter how hard I try, math keeps failing me? Kapag confident ako na kaya ko, babagsak ako.” “Maaaaath.” “It’s too hard for my life!” These are just some of the things I hear from people when we talk about math.

Most people have a crazy argument that there is no need for us to immerse ourselves into the Nitti gritty of Mathematics because it would never be applied in our daily activities. Ooops! Is that really what it is? Well, if we figure it out, everything we do involves math from the moment we set the alarm of our clock before going to bed. ‘Til the moment we get home from school or from work. Setting the alarm involves numbers, taking a shower also involves math when we set the heater of our shower. Having a balanced breakfast also involves math. As our dad drives us to school, math is also involved in terms of setting the speed, loading up, etc. As we get off the car in school, we keep up with time to get from one class to the other, as we have meals in between classes, we consider the amount of the meal based on our daily allowance. As we make phone calls, we keep up with the number of minutes provided by the call plan that we have with our mobile phones. As we get to the end of each term, we look forward to a fair computation of our grades. Looking forward to getting a job after earning a degree, we take into consideration the package to be offered to us by various employers based on the skills that we have and based on our lifestyle.

Sometimes I wonder. Why is it that math has such a negative impression to people? Where is this all coming from? I mean, Is it just because of the hard lessons and low grades? But of course! Duh! Who am I kidding? Of course it’s about all of this kind of stuff. Being students, getting high grades is very important to us and most people see math as a hindrance to reaching that goal, but is it fair to have such kind of perception?

In my case, well, I’ve always loved math since I began school. I was always one of the few students who excel in math. I was usually privileged to be part of inter-school math programs.  This is the reason why I question myself a lot nowadays. I often ask myself the question ‘WHY’. It seems that things have turned out the other way around. Why now? Why now when I am in my College education already?

The diagnostic test that we took back in the first semester, which would determine if we would be kept in Math 11 or demoted to Math 1, is actually the first math test that I failed. And naturally, I was so disappointed. I began asking myself, “Why now when passing the test determines my fate?” But it didn’t put me down. I took the challenge. I took it as a chance of learning more things. I saw it as a privilege. I believe that everything happens for a reason. And fortunately, things went well. I have learned a lot from the experience. Every bit of it had great impact on me.

This semester, I finally made my way into Math 11, the course where I am first placed. And I was thankful for everything. Indeed, everything happens for a reason. I’ve always believed that a ‘NO’ gives way to a greater ‘YES” in the future. The ‘NO’ back then, back when I failed that diagnostic test brought me here to this great Math 11 class.

Here I am now, I am brought to Math 11 Z. My impression of the class back then, during the first day of class, was really good. I told myself that this must be a really good class. I felt how lucky I was to be a part of it. And as we went along through the semester, I proved myself right. The environment was very conducive for learning. Being part of this class is really quite an experience. Not just because I got to study math with some of my closest friends from the block, but also because I got to be with people who are really smart and enthusiastic to learn and a teacher who is considerate, caring and who really knows what he is doing and what he is talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I really mean it. I’m saying all of these from the bottom of my heart. The class may not be perfect, but I believe it is really a good class. And that fact enthused me.

The technicalities, the logical analysis, the drills and the sessions every single session is worth the while.

This class is very different to my other classes to be honest. It is only in this class that I could really see a healthy relationship between the teacher and the students. Everyone is willing to compromise for the benefit of the majority. It is also only in this class that I felt the great concern of the teacher to the students. The facebook group is very active. The teacher doesn’t fail to remind his students constantly about his requirements. We’re given good substitute teachers when he can’t make it to class. And I really appreciate the make up classes.

The teacher, being a student himself, really inspired me. His attitude towards his studies and his part-time job, which is teaching us, is exceptional. I think, this is also one of the reasons why the class is doing fairly well. It is because we have a role model, someone to look up to.

For me, the hard lessons, the grades, the strictness and determination of the teacher, the competitiveness of the class… they’re all just pure façade. They’re all just the outsides; they’re all just paint coats. We have to dig deeper to see everything.

Every week, I come to class eager to learn more. I may fall to the temptations of daydreaming or sleepiness from time to time, but I make it a point to cut it at once, as soon as I realize. I try to pay attention as much as I can.

Math 11, for me, is such a pleasant experience. I may not be one of the students who excel anymore, but I’m happy that I’m able to make it through each test successfully. I my fail sometimes, but I am able to pick myself up from it. I learn from my mistakes.

Every meeting, I’m learning more and more. And I’m not just talking about the intellectual and logical aspect, but I believe that through out this course, I also become wiser in life. Math 11 doesn’t only open my eyes to the numeric and logical relevance of the subject alone, it also enhanced my precision and discipline, gearing towards perfection.

As I have always been reminded by my mom, “ Carelessness has no place in Math” that is what I have also realized through personal experience. Math is just not a number-related subject; it is in fact a complete package, because it creates a holistic impact. It develops not only my logical intelligence, it also improved precision, accuracy and discipline as I have mentioned earlier.

Math 11 gave me new perspective in life. It made me realize that it’s not always a win-win situation; you have to work hard to succeed. A brain without action is nothing, determination and hard work is important. With the good teacher who only wants what is best for his students and a class that inspires and motivates is the very reason why I have really enjoyed every lesson learned in my Math 11 course.


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