It was the time of the year again… the time of the year where the Ateneo launches a very big and exciting event just to welcome the incoming freshmen of the university. The event that would mark one as an Atenean. I am very blessed to be part of the community that made this year’s event possible! OrSem 2013! OrSem Layag! (June 6 and 7, 2013) The event may have been short but it is indeed worth remembering! The experience was very fulfilling! NO OTHER UNIVERSITY DOES IT THE WAY WE DO.<3 ❤ ❤

Just last year, I experienced my own OrSem. Being new to college, I was very clueless.. I was excited, but also nervous and a bit scared. I don’t know what to expect. Looking back, I was a VERY awkward freshie, shy and silent. But then, being welcomed by people with really big smiles, killer dance moves and undying energetic vibes made the big step to college life easier!  PACIFIC RING OF FIRE, BANANA and CHUGA… OrSem wouldn’t have been that FUN without our insanely awesome TNT’s and ever-supportive SEC-MOB’s. (Shoutout to my TNT’s Enzo and Kari && SEC-MOB’s Sarah and Carly! HAHA <3) There and there, I told myself… I wanna be like them. I wanna be part of that big step that the freshies are taking.

It was the first week of April when the sign ups for SEC-MOB’s were open. I took the step. I signed up.

20th of April- I filled up the application form.

24th of April- I got a text. Sadly, due to conflict in schedule, my application was rejected. I tried fixing my schedule but it was too late… I was so sad. I just thought of it this way, if it was for me…it will be.

14th of May- my SEC-MOB, Carly, posted in my block’s FB group. “Hello everyone! Meron pa ba sa inyo gusto mag-secmob for orsem 2013? :D” And I thought, THIS IS IT!

15th of May- Carly asked me to add Jay in FB, this year’s SEC-MOB Deputy for Volunteers. AND….

16th of May- I was added to the SEC-MOB group! YAYYYY!!!! :)))) It was for me after all! =)))

18th of May- I attended my first SEC-MOB training, the make-up training of the first training! I met new friends! (Shoutout to KARAGATANG INA MO! HAHA) And for the first time, I experienced the SecMobStrong!


And with my partner, Faith, I also got the block of my first freshies! WOOH! (Shoutout to Block U1!)


That training was followed my 3 more trainings…

25th of May- Dry run of the tours and situationers

31st of May- We met our TNT’s (Shoutout to Basille and Ivy!)

1st of June- We met the Log people…AMAZING RACE!

Then finally, the real deal. June 6 and 7… BEST 2 DAYS OF MY SUMMER 2013!



I may not have spent my summer this year in the beach or anywhere somewhere out of town, but I do not regret anything. Those days might be very tiring but I enjoyed every moment of it. Awesome is an understatement to describe the experience. Such a very special event in my life, truly unforgettable. I will cherish it in my heart forever. I am indeed out of words. I would like to be part of the wonderful experience again! It was all so worth it!

To my first batch of freshies,

Thank you for the memories! Thank you for making this year special for me! I wish I got to spend more time with all of you! I hope I’ll be able to get to know each of you better! You are one special bunch! You have bright futures ahead of you guys! Good luck with college life! Be active! And remember, I’m always here to guide you.. It doesn’t end in day 2 😀 See you around the campus! Forget me not! ❤ ❤ ❤

To my TNT’s Ivy and Basille & my SEC-MOB partner Faith,

I wouldn’t ask for other people to share this first OrSem volunteering experience with. You guys are awesome! Cheers to a new friendship! Love you guys! ❤

To SecMob Batch 2013 & SecMob Core 2013,

I found another family in you guys! You guys are the best! I love this batch so much! Thanks for sharing this experience with me! Love you all! ❤

Here’s a link of a video showcasing the highlights of  this year’s OrSem: OrSem Layag 😀 Check it out! 😀