Make up on the go!

Make up do wonders! Yes indeed! But only if you use it wisely. The face should be treated as a masterpiece. In applying make up, I consider the following points.


  1. It should go well with your outfit.
  2. It should highlight and enhance your features.
  3. It should not be literally visible.

I’m not really fond of bold colors when it comes to make up. I am more comfortable in using colors like black, brown, gold and colors that are close to my skin tone, I like playing with these colors.

The make up in this picture is simple. You can manage putting this on even if you’re in a hurry.

First, I applied moisturizer.

Second, because I’m not really fond of putting foundation on, I used face powder as my base.

Third, I applied the eye make up. It’s my favorite part! I love to experiment with colors! In this picture, I mixed gray eyeshadow with glittery black eyeshadow, applying it in strokes that would achieve a smokey effect. Under, I applied gold eyeshadow, tracing the eyes. To finish, I applied black mascara, to emphasize the lashes.

Fourth, blush-on…it’s important to choose the right shade.

Lastly, lips..I applied a pale shade because the eyes are already bold enough to make a statement. You wouldn’t want to scare people :)))

There it is, try it! Make up on the go! Enjoy! 😀

-jooleeyuuh ❤


Make up on the go!

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