Through Experience

                 “For many years you accepted God, not because of your own experience of him, but because of your parents’ or teachers’ experience with him. You probably did not have faith in God. You had faith in your parents’ faith.” This is an excerpt from one of the articles I read for theo. It was an article entitled, “Prejudice” by William J.O’Malley, S.J.

          Like any other children, I was told about God as long as I can remember. I was taught how to pray and when to pray.  I was brought up attending fellowship every Sunday. I was told about the different stories in the bible and was thought how to read the bible. Basically I was thought about the basics of Christianity. For many years, I do those things habitually without really getting the essence of it all – of why I do this, why I do that – I was just a tail – I go with the flow.

          The article speaks about this issue – the idea behind of it all. We may have been Christians for as long as we can remember, but it is today that we take that bold step of understanding our faith in a more mature way. As what the article says, “As an adult, you can find your own mature faith in God or your own mature rejection of Him, to arrive at your own decision by exercising your own mind and your own will and not by blindly accepting someone else’s reasoning and choice.”

           Our open-mindedness can be the root of it all. How do we see God in our lives? How do we understand faith and religion?

            The article says that to be truly open-minded means to be both unprejudiced and receptive. It says that to be open-minded, we should be willing to consider new ideas, even those contrary to our own; going out in search for new ideas. Being open-minded is very different from close-mindedness. Instead of being close-minded, we should not refuse to be accepted by anything that might change our minds.

How do you know that you are right in believing that God truly exist? When was the last time last time you consider who God is? These questions must stimulate us to think deeper about our faith. We must really understand our faith – our lives.

By answering those kinds of questions, we develop a deeper understanding of God – we understand how we were able to surpass any problem in life.

As a matter of fact, there are three basic ways to solve the problems we encounter in our everyday lives. There’s the ape’s way, where the outcome is always right and is often spontaneous and flexible. There’s the robot’s way, where the outcome is also always right, but takes no risks, therefore it is often organized and inflexible. Then, there’s the human way, where imperfections are accepted. Obviously, the best way to solve a problem would be the human way. Being human beings, we are not perfect; therefore we should use the way where all are accepted for who or what they are. It is just that we pick the solution where there is room for adjustments and improvements because success is process.

I’m just so glad that nowadays I have become more mature in my faith. I think first before I do or say something. I read my bible and this time I am devoted to it – my heart and my mind are open to what God is trying to tell me. I go to church not just for Sunday fellowships but because I have a ministry and I have the heart to serve God and His people. I am more experienced. I have known God better. And everyday I continue to know him more. Every day, I’m drawn closer to him through experience.


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