The media and me

Okay, so we were discussing a lot of theories about media lately in my communication courses and what struck me most from our discussion of “The Effects of Tradition,” is the Cultivation Theory.

When television was invented, the main objective was for people to have a better means of information and entertainment, as it would be received in both video and audio presentation. Media brings life to the television; because everything that we see on TV is a form of media with the objective to disseminate information to the public, but little did we foresee that besides being informative, media creates a big impact on the viewers.

Based on personal experience, my siblings and I grew up with Media as our means of education at home while our parents are in their respective offices, in fact that is why I have developed so much interest in multi media which opened my door to this field (Communication) that I have decided to focus on. My younger siblings are all multi talented because of media exposure, the are all musically and artistically inclined. Because of media exposure, my youngest sister developed her foreign accent, my brother is very much into musical arrangement, my other brother became very inquisitive and very entertaining and our youngest cousin really speaks English with a British accent. These are some of the positive effects of media exposure.

On the other hand, media exposure can also bring about harm on the viewers; this also causes increasing crime rate, immorality and cultural crisis, as it highly influences the viewers through subliminal attack, which is why there had been classification and regulation on media to protect the viewers.

For me, media people must be responsible enough on the effects of what they broadcast on air.



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