I am the object of God’s affection


                   Just this morning, I read John 16. 21-31.  Jesus stated in this passage that everything in this world is just temporary. When he said that the sadness he would cause the disciples when he leaves will surely be replaced with immeasurable and eternal happiness when the time comes that they get reunited with the Father, he promised that everything asked from the Father shall be given without having to ask it through His name, because the Father, himself, loves us truly unconditionally.

The words that struck me mo most are the words in verse 26: “ When that day comes, you will ask Him in my name; and I do not say that I will ask Him in your behalf” and verse 27: for the Father Himself loves you. He loves you because you love me and have believed that I came from God.” Because these verses say that God does not need any mediation to hear us out when we call on Him, not even Jesus. Because Jesus Himself bridged the gap between mankind and God, for man to have direct access to God in order to have constant communication.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making me worthy to come before your presence, despite all my imperfections and inequities. Thank you for loving me unceasingly and unconditionally. Your love is truly immeasurable. No words can express how great you are.  Please continue to guide me through. Let no weapon form against me prosper. Let all those who rise up against me fall on your knees, realizing that my God is the greatest and the only one God who deserve our worship and praise. May my life be pleasant to your sight and may it be a living example of your grace and love. Make me a reflection of your love and grace. Spare me from sin and cover me with your most precious blood, as well as my entire family, every second of our lives.  Amen.

                     God tells me through the passage that God’s love is readily available to those who would readily open their hearts to Him. I am proud that I am given the privilege of being under the care of the Jesuits, as an Atenean.  In the FB group, I uploaded a picture of myself with my beloved ACGC family, the Ateneo College Glee Club, because through this club, it is my goal to glorify God with the talent that He has given me.

Through the passage, I realized that God wants me to bring back all the glory and praise in everything that I do and in everything that I achieve.


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