Nuggets of Wisdom: A comparison between Ecclesiastes 2 and Modern Advertising

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Ecclesiastes 2, which describes Solomon’s vain experimentation with pleasure (sex, entertainment and alcohol), possessions (homes, lands, wealth), and even the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge, very much contradicts what modern advertising still tries to convince people, that these are the answers to life.

In this chapter the extent of the search for the meaning of life was described. Solomon reflected, looking back to all the things that he has done and has achieved. He found them as vanity, grasping for wind. He also considered the relative value of wisdom, madness and folly. He found that wisdom excels folly; as light is better than darkness, but found both the wise and the fool having the same end, which is death. He found himself having all that he desired and being the greatest yet he feels emptiness. He hated life, because he realized that all work under the sun was grievous, vanity, and grasping for wind. He have come to realize that the best thing man could ever achieve is to eat, drink and enjoy the fruits of labor, and the only capable of experiencing these are the people who were good in God’s sight; to whom God has given knowledge, wisdom and joy. He saw the sinners as receivers of the task of collecting and gathering to give to those who have been good before God.

Nowadays, we still face the same problem that Solomon has experienced way back then. We wake up everyday, living our lives, being influenced by what we see around us, mostly as effects of modern advertising. We were being convinced everyday that these pleasure and possessions we have are the answers to life. We are being blinded by everything that has been fed on us. They got us thinking that these things provide satisfaction.

However, in an unexpected moment in our lives, we would come to a point that we would be questioning everything; that we would be feeling empty. We would realize that happiness cannot be and will never be gotten from worldly things. They are just temporary. And the most important thing in life, are the permanent things, like love, faith and joy. They give true satisfaction.

The passage on Ecclesiastes is parallel with the objective of advertising nowadays, because advertising simply creates a need for every kind of product that would be introduced in the market to be bale to ensure marketability, but the fact is that everything we see al around would be meaningless if we get into the deeper sense of our existence. Primarily we are created out of God’s love and we are redeemed from our sins our of God’s unconditional love for mankind, therefore, it is love, joy peace and faith that gives meaning to life.


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