I am a total music lover and my mom knows it, so when she spotted this shirt she just had to buy it for me :”>


And when I saw it, I fell in love! I love the prints and the color! When I saw it, I knew what I would do with it! =))


Black and White items are the bomb coz you can pair it with almost anything! I said ‘almost’ coz it still depends on various factors like the material, well you get my point.

This black and white ensemble is so me! I love to mix and match without compromising either my style or my comfort. And I tell you, this is only one of the many different styles you can do with this shirt. I’m so excited to mix and match using this shirt!

hat + statement shirt + skater skirt + sling bag + flats + minimal jewelry


For the make up: I like to go natural, so some mascara, powder, a little blush and red lipstick would do the trick.

Fashion Tip: There are various shades of “the red lipstick”. It’s important to know the shade that would go with your skin tone.


Hype the look here:


Vote for the look here:



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