On some days, I like to go girly 🙂

As a college student and an active school organization member, I am always on-the-go. In these days, I pull out my ever-trusted black skater skirt and pair it with any blouse that would look good with it. It is like my “go-to girly outfit”. It’s comfortable and chic.

This is why fashion staples are important to have in your closet. Fashion staples like the black skirt (black is a great color coz you can match it with anything) is really good for mixing and matching.

In this outfit, I paired the skirt with a cream top I made. Whenever I have time, I like buying my own cloth and making my own clothes. This is how I am different from others. I’ve got items in my closet that are originally made for my own preference 🙂

I love stocking my closet with comfortable shoes too, since I’m always on the go. Comfortable can come in cute pieces like this black flats.

To conclude the outfit, finish it with cute accessories. I like to go minimalist in some days. In this outfit, I finished it with a wrap-around watch and pearl earings.

top + skater skirt + flats + wrap-around watch


Hype the look here:


Vote for the look here:



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