Spotlight: Anne Curtis


Blessed with talent, beautiful features and exuding confidence, Anne Curtis is no doubt one of the finest showbiz icons of today. She is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the industry.

From the pages of magazines…


…various commercials…


…hit noon-time shows…


…prime-time teleseryes…


…blockbuster movies…


…Anne Curtis has not failed to make a name for her self.

Glamour in every pose and in every endorsement of any given product is apparent as it comes from her sincerity and dedication to every project. And her acting becomes better and better as she accepts every challenge to portray various roles. She always put her heart and soul in every role assigned to her.

From a cute little darling to a glamorous model, from a rising child actress to an award-winning actress, Anne Curtis has proven her self in the showbiz industry through the years – A glamorous model, an award winning-actress, a concert queen?

Anne Curtis has been making buzzes in the industry recently about a budding singing career.




She has sold-out concerts and albums despite her rather relative voice. Along with her rise to the music ladder are bashes and criticisms on her ability or disability to sing – it would actually depend on how one views it. Does she deserve to be given a break in the music industry?

The past year was a blast for her career and with a new window open for her, she took the opportunity to challenge her self, break boundaries and explore her potentials. She is a woman not afraid to take risks. Entitled to the pursuit of her own happiness, she continued on striving hard thru the realization of her dreams. Her determination to turn her dream of being a singer into a reality is truly a remarkable and admirable quality. Never did she have any hesitation to pursue a singing career with all the criticisms left and right. Her focus and purity of intention is what turned her dream into a reality.


The first album of the 28-year-old actress and singer Anne Curtis was released on September 15, 2013. It was a record-breaking first album, “Annebisyosa” which features catchy, positive, and bubbly tracks. The “Annebisyosa” album is composed of six revival tracks and two original songs. The album actually debuted at the no. 1 spot on Astrovision/Astroplus Top-Selling Albums. In just two weeks after its release, the album reached its gold status and after two months in the market, it received the Platinum Award. The success of the first album was followed by a second album of Anne Curtis, “AnneKapal” which composes of 10 original songs released under Viva Records. It was released early 2014.

Anne Curtis’s first original track was her opening track in her first album, entitled “Tinamaan ako”. It is actually the best track in her first album since the album took a safe route of having eight revivals and only two original songs. Although Curtis sounded awkward with some of the tagalog words in the lyrics, the lead single “Tinamaan Ako” was fun to listen to because of its goofy lyrics and laid-back vibe. Given her limited vocal abilities, there’s really no strong reason to check it out, unless you’re just in the mood for a feel-good, easy going melody or you’re really a fan of hers (or you want to have Anne’s autograph and picture during the promotional mall shows.) Nevertheless, you can feel a sense of passion in her debut. However, I don’t think passion alone can carry an album or even a career.



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