20 Random Facts About Me

Okay so this thing is still trending on Instagram, 20 facts about me, and I got tagged by my friend, Madel Marfil to do a one of my own There are much more things about me, but I narrowed it down to these 20 only, so here they are:

20 facts about me:

1. I’m shallow but I’m deep. #Labo. I’m shallow in the sense that I’m very appreciative. No matter how babaw or how little the effort involved, I’ll remember it forever. It has touched my heart. And deep in the sense that I’m a reflective person. I make so much thought into things. I like thinking about life and stuff and just re-evaluate…but i usually just keep them to myself. ..that’s why I also value my ‘me times’ so much’.

2. I’m the eldest in my generation sa family ko… as in among sibs and cousins from both sides.

3. I love kids so much! Babies and little children! No matter how kulit. You can just leave me with a bunch of kids for a whole day and I would be perfectly fine. That’s my happy place…when I’m with kids.

4. I’m a Communication major but I love math. Haha! So much for the stereotyping people. Haha!

5. I enjoy beautiful sceneries like sunrises and sunsets, clouds and stars…oh the wonders of nature. I just love the outdoors. They bring me peace.

6. I express myself best through writing. This is why I write songs too.

7. It’s easy to please me, make me smile and make me laugh, but I also get upset easily. #MedyoSensitive

8. …and when I’m upset or I’m mad, I suddenly become silent. And I would avoid eye contact.

9. I love performing. Sing, dance, act – I’ve done them all.

10. Top 5 Perk-uppers: Milk tea, Gummy bears, Citrus drinks, mexican food & cheesecake #smalljoys

11. I’m not a snob, I’m just not good at initiating conversations. I have moments that I would just ask myself, ‘Ugh Julia, why are you so awkward?’
Sometimes, I’d rather pretend I didn’t see you than greet you haha. It’s not because I don’t like you, it’s just the way I am. I know, weird right? When I initiate the conversation, It is definitely taking a lot of guts. But I’m trying to change this now.. I believe I’ve changed a lot in college – or at least I just want to think so. lol. Huhu friends, outgoing na ‘ko diba? :)))

12. NBSB. #MedyoProud #NoCompromise but I’m really good at giving pieces of advice about love. #DrLove #soironic

13. I’m really weird and funny, but you can only see that side of me when we’re really close kasi pademure muna daw ako hahaha you have no idea.

14. When I’m busy or I’m so hooked into something, I won’t hear you if you talk to me even if you’re shouting na hahhaha. Yep, I have selective hearing sometimes.

15. I play fashion police in my mind all the time. Thank God people cannot read my mind.

16. I take every opportunity that goes my way. Don’t want any regrets. So even if I fail, I can say that I tried rather than thinking what if.

17. What I notice first in the opposite sex are their eyes. I’m definitely drawn to the eyes before anything else.

18. I am so into music, I listen to a vast variety of music….but lately I’m enjoying the chill, acoustic ones the most… Oh! And I’m so into movies as well! If you want a movie buddy, especially suspense, thriller, horror ones, I’m definitely your girl.

19. I love buying notebooks just because they’re cute. I have a lot of notebooks at home that are haven’t been written on yet.

20. I am the daughter of the king of kings, therefore Im a princess. God’s princess.