Craving for Tapsilog? I know a great place!

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TAPSILOG is a dish close to the hearts of the Filipinos. It is a meal that consists of cured beef, fried rice and a sunny side-up, which is indeed a popular Filipino favorite. For years, numerous places pop up here and there, catering to the cravings of the Filipino masses, which includes me – Ugh! Tapa is my weakness! So, can you just imagine my delight when my boyfriend finally brought me to this exciting place around his campus? I can’t wait to tell you about it!

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Rodic’s Food Express, or what they fondly or simply call Rodic’s, is a small diner in the shopping center inside UP Diliman, which has been there since 1949. Don’t you dare eat at Rodic’s if you are not going to order tapsilog. The moment, my plate of tapsilog was served before me, I was happily stunned. I appreciate their interpretation of the dish – classic and innovative at the same time. Now, that’s something!

Defined by their tapsilog, Rodic’s continue to make buzzes in and out of the campus, faithfully filling up the gustatory needs of budget-conscious students for over five decades now. What makes it so special?


What sets Rodic’s apart from other tapa places? It is probably the fact that it is perhaps the first to offer tapsilog in an entirely different way. Instead of a typical cured beef, Rodic’s serves tapa in its own signature twist: shredded above a mound of fried rice and topped with an egg cooked sunny side up. And of course, with a bottle of vinegar. Ask any UP student to recommend a place of good food, Rodic’s would always be the top of mind and now I know why.

Rodic’s is a kind of place you would really visit not because of the interior or the ambience, but because of their food. To tell you honestly, at first, I was kind of skeptic about the place because of how it looks – fluorescent lights and monoblock tables and chairs – not a place I would normally be fond of. But oh my gosh, the tapsilog was really exceptional! I can’t believe my boyfriend just brought me there last weekend. I am now a fan! (Ugh! Still craving as I’m writing this!) How could he keep such a place from me for a while?

Rodic’s is a cross between a hole in the wall and a fast food chain. Walk in and you would get a casual vibe going on. Despite the monoblock tables and chairs, what is something you would notice immediately is the lighting. It was lit brightly. That is important because lighting also draws customers in. Because it is lit brightly, the small space seems spacious enough.

Food is definitely the highlight of the place, as I have established. Rodic’s really give you your money’s worth and you don’t really have to spend too much! At a very affordable price, you get to have a very flavorful meal that would really tickle your taste buds. What’s notable too, was the size of the dish. People would maybe expect small servings and dull presentations for such low prices, but they give you otherwise – big enough and mouth-watering. It was such a treat! A good mix of quality and quantity! You certainly won’t get bitin!

The service was equally good as well. Food is served fast and presentable – that is really something when you are in the food business. I love how the servers made us feel relaxed and comfortable. They were very attentive and friendly but not too friendly, you know what I mean?

Rodic’s is highly recommended for people who enjoy chilling out or hanging out over good food, without spending too much. You would definitely be missing out if you don’t check it out!



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