Spotlight: The Love Affair (A Movie Review)

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Star Cinema producing movies like No Other Woman, The Secret Affair and The Mistress, now comes up with The Love Affair. Is the trend still going on?

What can we expect from a movie directed by the same person who directed The Secret Affair? Is it any different?

This year, Star Cinema presents The Love Affair, a story that revolves around a family issue very apparent nowadays. Vince (Richard Gomez), a renowned neurosurgeon, realizing that his wife, Trisha (Dawn Zulueta) has been cheating on him with his best friend, Greg (Tonton Gutierez), tried to ease the pain with a weekend sailing hobby, where he got to know Adrianne (Bea Alonzo), a lawyer who is also nurturing a broken heart. With their vulnerability, Vince and Adrianne, upon spending time and getting to know each other, developed a budding relationship, putting everyone on a difficult situation. Trisha, wanting to save the marriage, does all she can to fight for it, including a confrontation with Adrianne.

The Love Affair is very much anticipated among Filipino fans with the comeback of the ‘eternal love team’ of a popular tandem in the 90’s, the CharDawn, who also used to date back then. After their comeback teleserye Walang Hanggan back in 2012, much to

the delight of their fans, young and old, Richard and Dawn once again played husband and wife in a Star Cinema romantic drama, along with one of this generation’s most prominent actresses, Bea Alonzo. With the direction of Nuel Naval, who directed The Secret Affair (2012) and some of the biggest teleseryes of ABS-CBN, which includes Magkaribal (2010) and Krystala (2004), who designed the productions of some of the biggest movies including Milan (2004) and Anak (2000) and also acted a little in movies like In My Life (2009), You Got Me! (2007), and Milan (2004), much is expected from the movie.

I’m very glad to say that I like how the movie diverted from a typical infidelity theme. Rather than focus on the issue of infidelity, the movie revolved more on the family itself. The theme of infidelity served as an entry point to many other issues we face in reality such as issues in family and one’s self. How these issues unfolded in the movie was outstanding.

Nuel Naval’s interpretation of the script carried the movie through along with the incredible acting chops of Dawn Zulueta and Bea Alonzo, despite the awkward acting demeanor of Richard Gomez. Jane Oineza and Grey Fernandez did a pretty satisfactory job as well portraying the kids, while Manolo Pedrosa, the middle child, needed more work. Other supporting roles also did well acting-wise.

The film was really remarkable in terms of the technicalities from the preparations, locations, production designs, shots and the sound. The pulse of the editing

was notable as well. It amplified the story telling. The sound was crisp and clear. The shots really helped in conveying the tension of each scene. The production design was on point, of course what can you expect from a production headed by Nuel Naval, a renowned production designer? The storyline is okay, though it missed out on establishing the friendship of Vince and Greg, which could have brought about more justice to the gravity of the pain that compelled him to punish his wife, Trisha. I also thought that Trisha’s reaction to the tragedy wasn’t enough. It did not establish the severity of the situation. The effect of the situation to the children should also have been illustrated with more emphasis.

The film clearly explained the reasons behind marital conflicts, yet the resolution need not be the same as how the film ended. It is just an option. The actual resolution should spring out from actual events and considerations for everyone involved.

This film is highly recommended for family viewing, because this paints a realistic picture of one of the major problems that the modern families are confronted with.



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