Spotlight: Pangako Sa’yo Remake

AMIDST the sea of ABS-CBN remakes such as “Mara Clara” (2010) and “Bituing Walang Ningning” (2006), now comes another version of one of the best teleseryes of all time – “Pangako Sa’yo” (2015).


This 2015, a remake of the great “Pangako Sa’yo,” first aired in 2000, was launched and is expected to make people swoon with one of the most loved love stories of all time. It was dubbed the first “teleserye” on Philippine television, previously starring one of the Philippine’s favorite on-and-off-screen tandem back then, Jericho Rosales (Angelo Buenavista) and Kristine Hermosa (Yna Macaspac). It had a huge following, which made it ran for 426 episodes a.k.a. two long but promising years. The original, with a captivating storyline and exquisite casting, which also included Eula Valdez (Amor Powers), Jean Garcia (Madam Claudia) and Tonton Gutierez (Eduardo Buenavista), was truly unforgettable and iconic. With this, the remake is really something that is much anticipated by the Filipino fans.


The “Pangako Sa’yo” Remake (2015), directed by Rory Quintos, Dado Lumibao and Olivia M. Lamasan, is a modern retelling of a great Filipino love story that revolves around Amor, Eduardo, Claudia, and their children Yna and Angelo, whose paths crossed because of love, poverty, power and vengeance. It stars this generation’s hottest loveteam, the teen king and queen themselves, Kathryn Bernardo (Yna Macaspac) and Daniel Padilla (Angelo Buenavista), alongside with Jodi Sta. Maria (Amor Powers), Angelica Panganiban (Madam Claudia) and Ian Veneracion (Eduardo Buenavista). With the cast alone, it is undeniable that this version is really something to look out for and it is continually proving that it really is.


Watching some episodes, I had a glimpse of what this remake has to offer. KathNiel may certainly be the first choice to re-animate the characters of Kristine and Echo, considering how they have come to grow in the industry, garnering a huge following amongst the Filipino masses. The fact that “Pangako Sa’yo” aired after the popular Forevermore (2014) may also be a factor, since the ratings of the LizQuen tandem is something to, if not to beat, to maintain. KathNiel was seen in various projects already, so people have set high expectations from the two. I was impressed with Daniel Padilla’s acting, clearly he has grown in his field. I was expecting him to be like his uncle, Robin Padilla, who has this certain “macho vibe” going on whatever role he is portraying, but no, Daniel Padilla turned out to be more versatile. On the other hand, I was disappointed with Kathryn Bernardo. I expected so much of her since she literally grew up in the industry, but all she is doing is “pabebe” acting, which could be really annoying at some point. Jodi Sta. Maria is doing well, proving that she really is a versatile actress. However, sometimes, I can’t help but get a shadow of a character she portrayed for quite a long time – Maya, from “Please Be Careful With My Heart.” Angelica Panganiban, with her natural comedic demeanor, is bringing something new to the table and is really owning her character as Madam Claudia. Ian Veneracion, appearance-wise, is really dreamy with looks girls would really go gaga for. Acting-wise, Ian’s interpretation of Eduardo feels quite promising. In terms of technicalities, it is the cinematography which is really noteworthy. It is clear that the show has stepped up in that aspect. Editing is also well-done despite the fact that it could be really demanding at that since it is shown daily. Audio-wise, the sound is crisp and clear. In terms of storyline, this version brings more depth. It also has tweaked the original story, bringing changes that would really appeal to this generation’s viewers.

From the cast to the storyline, to the cinematography, to the twists and turns, indeed this version of the iconic “Pangako Sa’yo” is something the television viewers of today will really appreciate.



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