Lesson Learned


AFTER the success of her best-selling books “Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi” and “Buti Pa Ang Roma May Bagong Papa,” Noringai produces another book that is certainly a must-read, “The Goodbye Girl,” (Noreen Capili & Anvil Publishing, Inc., Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 2015, 112). I had the chance to read this third book of hers in paperback and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

“Kapag hindi ka mahal ng taong mahal mo, ikaw iyong letter E sa word na LOVE. Nandyan ka pero hindi pino-pronounce (Noringai, 2015).”

Lately, buzzes about Wattpad stories have been circulating around the country with the rise of movies and TV shows based on them. Wattpad was just a domain before, serving as a platform for writers at heart to share their works publicly with fellow writers and readers. But, with the aforementioned buzzes, Wattpad has become a stepping-stone for aspiring writers who wanted to make a name for themselves. Noringai or Noreen Capili was one of them – a BA Creative Writing graduate from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, who is currently writing teleplays and screenplays for a living.

“The Goodbye Girl” is an inspirational book especially written for those who suffers from this thing called love – those who loved with their all but ended up taken for granted, hurt, left behind and even forgotten. Noringai introduces readers to the five types of the “goodbye girl”: the invisible girl, the other girl, the heartbroken girl, the bitter girl and finally, the new girl. “The Goodbye Girl” is a book about heartaches, heartbreaks and moving on. It is about the broken heart. It is a compilation of real life stories of pain experienced from loving someone with the hope that readers can find comfort, hope and humor in every essay and make them realize that what they are feeling may be universal but temporary.

“Wala tayo sa pelikula. This is reality. And in reality, kapag umalis ako, hahayaan mo lang ako (Noringai, 2015).”

I’m not usually a reader of this kind of books but I must say that I actually enjoyed the experience. Noringai has her special way of storytelling. She writes in a very conversational manner, and effortlessly inserts wit and humor to her writings.

Even topics as heavy as the matters of the heart is conveyed very lightly without having to compromise the content. She makes even the most painful of memories laughable but still very relatable. Even with the bombarding of “hugot” lines and funny antiques, “The Goodbye Girl” is still thought provoking and striking in an exceptionally unpredictable way of putting things into perspective. The book will certainly leave you feeling light-hearted, encouraged and even a better person after reading it. She writes with such skill that her words will reassure you that you are absolutely not alone in this world whatever it is that you are feeling. And in whatever it is that you are confronted with, there is always hope.

“Kung ito lang ang paraan to make the pain stop, to help you cope with depression, then by all means, magpaka-bitter ka (Noringai, 2015).”

What I find very notable about the book is how it conveys its message. Yes, it is an inspirational book but it didn’t feel like it. Readers won’t really feel that they were being lead to a solution or a realization, but instead, it feels natural. The presentation of the message is smooth and light, but very moving. That is something that is hard to do and I admire Noringai for being able to do that in this book. “The Goodbye Girl” may be very easygoing, but it is very helpful.

“The Goodbye Girl,” sold at only P185, is greatly recommended for those who are currently in a very difficult situation in their love lives – those who are going through tough times with the matters of the heart. It’s also a good read for those who have gone through same situations or those who know people who are going through the same hardships. This book will positively help you start anew.



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