Looking for ‘the magic wand’?

ASK me what make-up item could I not live without, I would give you a straight-up answer, there and there, without second thoughts, I would say mascara. I just love mascara! It makes a huge difference on anyone’s face. It gives oomph to every look! Pulled off an all-nighter? With just one sweep, you would look fully awake. It really comes in handy anytime. This is very true to me. Especially nowadays, where I’m pulling all-nighters almost every night because it’s nearing the end of my thesis semester, mascara has become my best friend.

Finding the perfect mascara is one of the hardest parts of going clean with our beauty routines. We find ourselves in constant pursuit of the mascara that would best suit us, in accordance to the lashes we have and the preferences we live with. While some people have short lashes, some people have long. While some people have straight lashes, some people are sporting natural curly ones. And don’t get me started on the numerous combinations of these characteristics. Personally, I have long and curly lashes. My mom has long, straight lashes and my dad has short, curly ones. I’m so glad I got the good combination (hihi). Since I know I have this sort of lashes, having the right kind of mascara is important to me (You gotta work your assets, girl!).

Finding the mascara that would be true to us would be such an achievement. For myself, I only look for two things for my mascara: easy to put on and easy to wash off. I used to think that wasn’t much to ask, but the more I search, the more I realize looking for the perfect mascara could be difficult. So, once you get a hold of THE mascara, or what I would fondly call ‘the magic wand,’ you better take good care of it, just as you would do with that one true love (LOL what?). I’ve tried several mascaras and I cannot wait to tell you all about them!

1. Fanny Serrano, Lash Extravagance Extreme Length

I felt giddy just by the name of this product. I wonder how pretty it would look on my lashes given that I already have long lashes. Having long lashes is one thing but ‘extravagance extreme length’? Now, that’s really something! Plus, the packaging is also another thing. It’s in a slim, shiny, electric chrome blue container – very eye-catching. The wand also looks promising. It’s long, curved and has very little space between the tiny bristles. I expect that this kind of wand would make it easier to apply and also make the coats more even. I have high expectations for this product, that’s for sure. And so I tried it.

With one sweep, I didn’t see much coating so I applied two more coats. And then that did it. It clumped. So I tried to fix it. But then, it smeared all over my eyes. I had a very hard time wiping it off coz the formula is really thick and it dried quickly. But yes, it extended my lashes – to the point that it is already spidery. I don’t think it’s for me at all. I had such a bad experience with this product. The P350 was such a waste. But maybe it could work to other people. One thing is for sure though, that wand takes a lot of getting used to.

RATING:      1.5/5

2. Victoria’s Secret, Hello Bombshell Make-up Kit Mascara

I got this product as part of the Victoria’s Secret Hello Bombshell make-up kit, which is worth above P2000. I got thrilled about the mascara because it is so tiny. I find it very cute. It is in a little shiny black container with a silver cap.

Opening it, I find a standard bristle brush for the wand. I think that would be a sign that it applies evenly. The scent is okay. It is tolerable. I didn’t mind it.

The formula is nice and silky but it can be really clumpy. That’s too bad. It doesn’t give volume; instead it can weigh down the lashes. The coats are not very noticeable. There’s not much difference before and after applying it. However, it is pretty good on the lengthening department. I would use it on my bottom lashes. I think it is pretty okay.

RATING:    3/5

3. Clinique, Lash Doubling Mascara

‘Ooh lash doubling!’ was my first thought about this product. I mean, that is quite a captivating name! I wonder if this product would really hold to its promise. What better way to know than to try for yourself, right? So I tried it.

First things first, I like the packaging. Isn’t it so elegant? It is in a nice metallic color, with a silver cap. First thought when I opened it? I don’t like the smell. It gives a very distinct smell, which I find disgusting. Well, that’s maybe just me but yeah.

The formula is very wet, which made it hard to apply. It smudges. It doesn’t clump though, even if you apply several layers. But then, it flakes by the end of a long day. The name is misleading, because it didn’t give me the lashes I expected from that name. It did made my lashes longer and fuller but not enough. It did not give as much volume as the name promises. You have to apply several layers to get a pretty good volume for your lashes.

The wand, however, is a standard long bristle brush, which I like. It separates the lashes into perfection, giving you fanned out lashes, which makes a very pretty natural look. It applies the mascara evenly and beautifully.

If little volume and little color is your thing, then this is for you. If you want to achieve the natural look, P1500 for this product would be worth it.

RATING:      3.75/5

4. Nichido, Dual Mascara

This product got me so intrigued. It is basically a 2-in-1 mascara! Who doesn’t want getting two things in one go? Not me. The product is dual ended with white base mascara, which has Pro Vitamin B5 on one end, and black lengthening mascara on the other. Exciting right?

The white base mascara serves as a primer for the lashes. It prepares the lashes for the lengthening mascara. Because of that base coat, the lengthening mascara holds well, giving you more dramatic longer lashes. Now, this product made me feel such a professional. Applying base coats before the lengthening one – made me feel that I know my stuff (LOL).

Opening it, I was a little doubtful of the consistency of the formula. It’s a bit sticky for my taste. However, after trying it, I realized that it is really easy to put on because the wand has really nice bristles. It’s a nice spiral brush, which helps in applying the mascara more effectively. Another thing is, it doesn’t smudge – at all – even when you perspire or cry while wearing it. But, having to wash it off is certainly not a problem. I also really like the smell of this product. It gives a pleasant scent, something you wouldn’t really get much from mascaras. It is so worth my P240! Actually, for my opinion, it should cost higher given what it offers.

RATING:   4/5

5. Maybelline, The Rocket Volume Express

I actually was so excited with this mascara. I just know it is up to something great just by the name. Plus, I really like how the packaging is so true to its name. It actually kind of looks like a rocket and I think that is cute. However, when I opened it, I slightly was hesitant by the wand and the formula. The wand, which they call the ‘revolutionary ultra-sonic brush’ is a fat, pointed brush with tiny teeth, it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine because it can be doubtful if you want good lashes. I don’t think these kinds of wands would do the work. The formula is really wet. I mean really, really wet. So I expected that it would be something that requires a lot of work putting on.

To confirm my expectations, I tried it. I loved it! I love how it elongates and gives volume to my lashes without having the product mess up my face. It is so easy to put on and also easy to wash off. And take note, I even apply it in three coats! I found the wand too big for my taste, but hey, it can definitely deliver! It’s clump-free and I didn’t have to worry about flaking. It stays on for the rest of the day. The scent is quite okay as well. This is totally worth the P300 I spent. I think I’ve found my match with this mascara! It’s perfect for everyday make-up. If we have comfort food, I would totally consider this as my comfort mascara.

RATING:      5/5


(L-R) Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Extreme Length, Victoria’s Secret Hello Bombshell Make-up kit Mascara, Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, Nichido Dual Mascara, Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express